Weekly Worship Service

First Presbyterian Church
605 B South 23rd Steet
Fairfield, IA 52556

Sunday @ 10:00 am

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    Worship Schedule

    Each Sunday, we meet in the sanctuary at our new location (2021) @ 10:00 AM for a formal and somewhat intimate service.  On the first Sunday of the month, everyone is encouraged to join us for light refreshments in Fellowship Hall.

    Our services follow the Liturgy of the Presbyterian Church (USA) including the Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, Assurance of Pardon, Old and New Testament Lessons, Sermon, Receiving the Offering, Prayers for the People and the Lord’s Prayer, and Sending Prayer.

    Our 5th Sunday Jazz Services are now hosted by First United Methodist Church, located at 201 N. Court, Fairfield @ 10:30 AM. Pastor Joe and Pastor Al alternate officiating these services.

Sermon Notes & Recorded Messages


(Philippians 1:21-30) Effective altruism (EA) “is a project that aims to find the best ways to help others and put them into practice.”  It’s not really an organization you give money to. It doesn’t have a catchy name like Bread for the World, Habitat for Humanity or Doctors Without Borders. It’s a concept that tries…


(Matthew 18:21-35) “We exist no longer than mayflies.”  That’s what Su Shih, a Chinese scholar and poet, wrote in the year 1082. Maybe you have seen a mayfly, but not for long.  They are insects with very short lifespans, averaging one to two days.  Yet, though they have short lives, mayflies have been around forever.…


(Romans 12:9-21) You’re probably familiar with a program called “Antiques Roadshow” if you’ve spent any time watching public television.  It started in England, and many of the shows are still filmed there. But they also have an American version. The premise of “Antiques Roadshow” is simple: a team of antiques experts sets up shop in…


(Exodus 1:8—2:10) You’ve probably never met a spy (that you know of), but they’re everywhere if you believe all the movies and TV shows about them. Take, for example, “She Spies,” the inspiration for today’s sermon title.  Cassie McBain (played by Natasha Henstridge) is a convicted con woman, paroled from prison along with D.D. Cummings…


(Genesis 45:1-15) If you’ve ever gone on a cruise, you’ve been through a certain obligatory exercise known as “the lifeboat drill.”  It usually happens on the first day.  Before you’ve even learned your way around the ship, you receive instructions to go to a certain designated location on deck.  There, you join a select group…


(Matthew 14:22-33) Today’s Scripture reading is from the gospel of Matthew, and for the first time, we have some defensible speculation of what might have been unique about the apostle who wrote that gospel. That’s thanks to the video series, The Chosen, which has recently released its third season on DVD.  While the series presents some…

We use traditional hymns throughout the service. We have a talented pianist who adds Prelude, Offertory, and Postlude pieces to the worships service as well as a variety of special music.

At any time of year, we welcome all worshipers to come comfortably dressed, with most members choosing “business casual” attire.  However, clothes do not matter to us – the people wearing them do!