Weekly Worship Service

First Presbyterian Church
200 S Main Steet
Fairfield, IA 52556

Sunday @ 10:00 am

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    September through May

    From September through May, we meet in our beautiful sanctuary for a more formal service.  Everyone is then encouraged to join us for refreshments downstairs in Fellowship Hall.

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    June through August

    From June through August, we worship downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  Refreshments are served before the service, and we enjoy a slightly less formal service with coffee and other treats available throughout worship time.

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    All year

    Our services follow the Liturgy of the Presbyterian Church (USA) including the Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, Assurance of Pardon, Old and New Testament Lessons, Sermon, Receiving the Offering, Prayers for the People and the Lord’s Prayer, and Sending Prayer.

Sermon Notes & Recorded Messages


(Acts 17:22-31) Seems like everywhere Christians turn these days, there’s another article or survey about the decline of faith and the rise of secularism in Western culture.  We had a good run in the days of Christendom, when most people had at least some affinity for religion, even if they weren’t particularly religious themselves. The…


(Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16) Thoughts and prayers. Some people find them valuable, while others would actually pay to avoid them. A recent study found that Christians generally value the offer of thoughts and prayers, even from a stranger.  Two sociologists studied a group of North Carolina residents in the fall of 2018 after Hurricane Florence struck. …


UNWRITTEN RULES (Acts 2:42-47) Baseball, like any sport, has rules.  Most of these rules are codified in a complex document that has been revised and ratified at various times by the owners of the baseball clubs in Major League Baseball.  You follow these official rules, and if you don’t, you pay a penalty.  Unless you’re…


(Acts 2:14a, 36-41) Easter was a crisis. Exactly 100 years ago, Denmark experienced the Easter Crisis of 1920.  The king and the cabinet had a conflict that escalated into a constitutional crisis, leading to the development of a constitutional monarchy in Denmark. Easter was also a rising.  In Ireland, the Easter Rising of 1916 was…


(John 20:19-31) Who really shot JFK? Were the moon landings real or staged? Did Elvis really die in 1977, or did he fake his death in order to get some privacy? Was Paul McCartney actually replaced by a look-alike when he allegedly died in 1966? Was 9/11 staged by the U.S. government? Are all these…


(Acts 10:34-43) I often get help, though a sermon starter resource, with writing a “catchy” current introduction to the week’s message. Back at the first of March, as I was planning the messages for April, the suggested title of “Putting the ‘FUN’ In Funeral” seemed – for wont of a better word – fun and…

We use traditional hymns throughout the service.  Our choir sings on the first and third Sundays, sharing both traditional and contemporary selections.  Our sanctuary houses a fantastic pipe organ, and we have a talented organist who adds Prelude, Offertory, and Postlude pieces to the worships service.  When we meet in Fellowship Hall, she uses the piano for all music.  Occasionally during the fall, winter and spring months, special music selections are added, and during the summer months, we enjoy a variety of special music.

At any time of year, we welcome all worshipers to come comfortably dressed, with most members choosing “business casual” attire.  However, clothes do not matter to us – the people wearing them do!